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Emergence of Light Tour 2022 (Arizona)

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Arizona! This weekend — we’ll be heading your way to facilitate 5 different Light, Sound & Vibration Sessions — where you can gather with community to drop in and have your own unique individualized experience...

Fri 12.2 • Reflections of Light 1 • Shantiful (Scottsdale) • 4pm

Sat 12.3 Reflections of Light 2 • Shantiful (Scottsdale) • 10am

Sat 12.3 • Rising Into Light with Anzela • Buddha Bella (Phoenix) • 5:55pm

Sun 12.4 • Inside The EESystem • Scalar Healing Center (Scottsdale) • 10am

Sun 12.4 • Visions of Light • Arizona Psychedelic Society (Phoenix) • 2:30pm

We hope you can join us! Please help us spread the word if you know anyone in the Phoenix / Scottsdale area who you think could benefit from any of these sessions. You can find more information, as well as, access all the sign up links at

Also we have a couple open slots for 1-on-1 Light Sessions. Please message us to schedule a session if you are interested. Shout out to all our friends in AZ for this divine collaboration! Much love y’all.

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