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The Liiighthouse

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

The Liiighthouse (on Balboa Island) is a new collaborative treatment space by Sacred Liiight (Sacred Healing Sessions + Liiightspace)

Provided for your session:

•Ajna Light 3 Lamp or PyraLight DMT Meditation Glasses

•PyraLight 3 Pad

•Vibe Sound Therapy System

•Custom Acoustic Headphones

Additional Vibratory Reinforcements:

•Akaida Orgone Powered Pyramid

•Intentional Sourcefield Crystals

•Visonary Art/Cosmic Light in Print

Optional for your session:

•Healy Frequency Therapy


•Essential Oils

•Energetic Plasmas / Essences

All sessions are “Intuitive Priced / By Appointment Only” so secure your time slot first on our website, then after your appointment is complete - pay what you feel your session was worth to you. Your energy exchange helps fuel this light quest and also allows for these sessions to be accessible to all walks of life.

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