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Brainwaves: Immersive Workshop

Updated: May 1

A Journey Through Consciousness

This one-of-a-kind immersive workshop, led by Dru Ali of Liiightspace, represents a 5-year culmination of brainwave state research, conducted in collaboration with Guy Harriman (renowned for his creation of the Ajna Light & PyraLight) + over 600 hours of experiential learning, fully immersed in various brainwave frequencies facilitated by the Ajna Light. In two hours, we will dive deep into the intricacies of the six major brainwaves: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Lambda. Through this comprehensive workshop, you'll gain insights into their distinct physiological functions and their correlations with various behavioral states. Moreover, this workshop offers a unique opportunity not only to comprehend these different brainwave patterns but also to experience them firsthand. Utilizing the Ajna Light in a group setting, participants will have the chance to submerse themselves in each brainwave state, supporting the synchronization of our brains with these distinct frequency ranges.

Understanding Brainwaves

Our brains operate like a symphony, producing six distinct electrical patterns known as brainwaves. From the subconscious depths of Delta to the superconscious peaks of Lambda, each wave serves a vital purpose in optimizing our mental functioning. Throughout the day, our brains dance through a symphony of frequencies, with one dominant wave dictating our state of consciousness. Whether navigating the demands of daily life or surrendering to the depths of sleep, our brainwaves orchestrate our experiences with precision. Join us as we demystify brainwaves and empower ourselves to harness the full potential of our minds. Each attendee will receive an exclusive “Brainwaves Frequencies Booklet”, serving as a valuable reference for continued exploration.

The Ajna Light

Developed in 2014 by Guy Harriman of Techeolithic. Set within a gold capstone Tesla Plate field, this rare light technology utilizes different brainwave frequencies through pulsed light to facilitate expanded states of consciousness, unique to each individual. 

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