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The Sacred Liiight Experience

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

The Sacred Liiight Experience at Behind The Lids in Costa Mesa, CA: Ajna Light x Holy Fire® Reiki x Human Design x Sound Bath guided by Evelyn Starlight of Sacred Healing Sessions & Dru Ali of Liiightspace.

Release the stress of daily life with a Sound Bath to cleanse and harmonize our energy fields, using Singing Bowls, Angel Harps & more—together with PlantWave technology—which creates plant generated soundscapes by measuring subtle changes in a plant’s biorhythm. These changes are turned into notes that play beautiful ambient music.

The Ajna Light is a rare intentional light technology—in a gold capstone Tesla Plate field—which will be used in a group setting and was developed to help people explore their intimate connection with the wisdom of the universe, bridging them to the root of their being. Light flicker frequencies entrain brainwaves, bringing you into deep meditative states without years of meditation practice.

Holy Fire® Reiki is a powerful and gentle energy harmonizing method which provides purification, healing, empowerment, and strengthens intuition/sense of knowing/deepening connection to divine spiritual guidance. This hands-off, healing meditation experience is guided with the intention to open you to a relaxed, receptive state to help support your body’s natural healing and harmonizing abilities.

The Human Design System provides valuable insight into human understanding. We will be using a Human Design program called Maia Mechanics to map out the current planetary transits—highlighting the stream of energy that’s available to the collective during this time.

To Book The Sacred Liiight Experience – Email:

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