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Conscious Brainwave States

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Conscious Brainwave States (Alpha & Beta) • The Ajna Light can be used in a customizable & personalized way through the iLST (intentional Light Self Therapy) Light Sequence Generator. The iLST feature allows the user to select certain brainwave frequencies according to their intention. You can choose conscious brainwave states (such as Alpha & Beta) and how much of that brainwave you’d like to experience during your session by moving the slider up to the desired percentage. Here’s a look at some of the attributes for conscious brainwave states....

Alpha • Frequency Range: 8hz - 12hz

Aware / Relaxed

Benefits Associated with Alpha:

-Pain Relief

-Stress / Anxiety Reduction

-Memory Improvement

-Lucid Blissful Mental States

-Very Relaxed

-Vivid Visualizations

-Enhance Ability to Learn & Retain Information

Beta • Frequency Range: 12hz - 30hz

Thinking / Creativity

Benefits Associated with Beta:

-Motivation Boost

-Enhancement of Language & Reading Skills

-Effective Treatment Against ADD

-More Focus

-Reduces Fatigue

-High Concentration


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