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PyraLight Sessions

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

PyraLight Sessions: PyraLight + PyraLight DMT Meditation Glasses + The Vibe • This is another combination of light sound vibration modalities which you can also experience at Liiightspace. The PyraLight + PyraLight DMT Meditation Glasses work more through the body—in comparison to the Ajna Light (which works more through the mind). The PyraLight Pad superpulses six 850nm infrared LED’s as well as 5uT magnetic fields into the body—using three highly beneficial frequencies of 40hz Gamma (Mer) + 8hz Schumann (Ka) + 2hz Delta (Ba). The synergistic pulsing of infrared light & magnetics is really great for relaxation, pain reduction, improved resilience & overall better mood. The PyraLight DMT Glasses are an extension of the PyraLight which superpulses three 400nm violet infrared LED's + a mini magnetic pad into the third eye for generating an endogenous DMT meditative experience + improved neuroplasticity. The Vibe Sound Therapy System allows you to access the most primal levels of your nervous system and human physiology so that you can instantly relax & restore through deep therapeutic sounds + vibroacoustics. If you’d like to try this light sound vibration combo just ask for it the next time you come in for a session!

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