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Solving our Mental Health Crisis with Light, Sound & Vibration

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Sacred Liiight Ajna Light Sound Bath Sessions at "Psychedelics x Tech: How To Change Your Mind" (LA Tech Week — Venice, CA)

The Question ➭ Could psychedelics and new trailblazing technology startups solve our mental health crisis?

The Answer ➭ YES!

Psyche: Mind, Spirit, Consciousness

Delic: Make Visible, Manifest, Reveal

New Trailblazing Technologies (such as the Ajna Light & PyraLight) in the form of Intentional Light (an alternative category of Psychedelics) combined with Sound & Vibration are ready to be brought to the forefront of humanity ✨🌎✨

Manifesting Consciousness through Light, Sound & Vibration can help us:

•Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Depression

•Shift & Clear Stagnant Energy

•Improve Parasympathetic Nervous System Functions

•Relieve Pain & Inflammation

•Reach Deep States of Meditation & Relaxation

•Enhance Creativity & Intuition

•Access To Insight & Clarity

•Guiding Visionary Journeys & Spiritual Exploration

•Plus so much more!

If you’d like to learn more about how Light, Sound & Vibration can help solve our mental health crisis — please reach out to us or schedule a session (by appointment only).

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