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Psychedelic Institute of Los Angeles: Chapter 1

Updated: May 1

So grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Psychedelic Institute of Los Angeles / Awakening Events first Chapter Meeting at the Creative Technology Center along with Paul Karasik, Alternity, Torkom Ji, Michael Strauss, Lauren Kohl + more! This was the first time setting up the new “Trinity of Light” pop-up activation (Ajna Light x PyraLight x PyraEyes Combo with Vibroacoustic support by the VIBE System) in a public space outside of Embody Wellness Hub and the feedback was phenomenal. 1 person experienced only a 5-min session, then jumped up saying he saw a crystal clear path leading to his true purpose in life and that he now knows exactly what he needs to do in order to reach that potential. This is yet another testament to the potent, transformative power of light when experienced as a psychedelic journey for soul reveal...

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