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Our First Ajna Light Experience

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Guided to the Light at Samsara Festival in Enumclaw, WA (3/23/19). Here is where we met Joshua Reff (Earth Tuned) who had a booth at the Festival and was offering 10-min Ajna Light Journeys. This was the first time ever hearing about the Ajna Light and had no idea technology like this even existed. Evelyn went first and then Dru had his experience right after, which he said felt exactly like a natural DMT experience. This was a huge transformational moment in time that truly shifted everything! That same evening, Dru researched everything he could find on the Ajna Light and then emailed Guy for the first time to let him know about his experience under the Light. Guy responded back and invited us to meet him a month later at the New Living Expo in San Mateo, CA and said that if we wanted a PyraLight 2 that he would trade us a couple MIDI Sprouts for it. We were already booked for Serenity Gathering that weekend – which was only 2 hours away from the expo – so this divine meet up was perfectly placed on our path and was our initiation into our Light Quest!

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