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YEX Center at CES 2020

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Our Light, Sound & Vibration Zone at CES 2020 – The Groundhouse – where we brought 4 of the brand new PyraLight 3 Pads – each with a pair of PyraLight DMT Meditation Glasses & PyraLight IR Nasal Cords – to CES 2020! Visitors of the new YEX Center were introduced to this subtle yet powerful superpulsed infrared/magnetic technology for deep harmonizing restoration. We were paired up with Bioharmonic Technologies who brought 4 of their VIBE Systems which are Vibrational Individualized Body Enhancement Systems to add an additional immersive layer of sound/vibration to the overall experience. The feedback was phenomenal and we can’t thank YEX enough for giving us the opportunity to spread these life changing modalities to the masses!

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