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Wisdom Within

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

After a month of experimenting with the infinite possibilities on how the Light can open us up to a greater sense of awareness about ourselves and this universe - it’s now ready to expand its presence through out Southern California & beyond!

When the Greeks, starting notably with Pythagoras around 500 BC, came to learn the ancient wisdom, they took the idea of temple sleep to Greece. The Greek god of healing, Aesculapius, had healing temples for sleep therapy. The sleep chamber in the Greek temples were filled with snakes, the symbol of Aesculapius. The patient was in a highly suggestive state of consciousness (theta brainwave), and therefore the usual inhibitions of the waking consciousness were avoided, so the wisdom of the unconscious mind could discover the patient's own form of healing. Temple sleep was an early form of hypnotherapy. Stretching back in time to the earliest trance induction techniques of shamanism, this wisdom of self healing has been reborn in our own time through trance dance, drumming, chanting and brainwave entrainment hypnosis using sound and light.

The Ajna Light is part of this reconnection to ancient shamanic wisdom, trusting and helping the soul to heal itself and the body!

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