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Trinity of Light

Join us tonight at the Psychedelic Institute of Los Angeles inaugural chapter meeting, where Liiightspace will be debuting our latest activation—Trinity of Light—a fusion of 3 Techeolithic nature technologies (Ajna Light x PyraLight x PyraEyes) into 1 session which can facilitate a profound psychedelic experience using Light.

In the realm of consciousness exploration….Light emerges as an alternative category of Psychedelics! Through innovative technologies like the Ajna Light, PyraLight, and PyraEyes: Light stimulates neural pathways + induces shifts in awareness, offering a unique avenue for profound transformative experiences. Light also presents a safe, controlled environment for exploration—accessible and non invasive—providing an inclusive avenue for self-discovery and healing, enriching the spectrum of psychedelic journeys.

Tonight will feature an Insight Integration Discussion by Paul Karasik • 360 Visual Soundbath by Visual Reality Meditation (Torkom Ji & Strauss Visuals) • Live music by Lauren Nikohl • Immersion with Sacred Ethnobotany Healing • Trinity of Light Activation by Liiightspace + more!

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